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Prettiest man alive

[backdated to Naked Day]

[Shawn is happily sunning himself nakedly. Normally this would bother him, but hey, why fight it?]

((this post is for anyone who wants Shawn to touch them/molest them a bit. FEEL FREE TO TAG even if you've never threaded with him before. Mind you, if you're a camper, he might not flirt with you so much |D))
Prettiest man alive


Okay, so I am somewhat worried about Shawn! I'm not going to DROP him (hahaha this will never happen folks!), but I do have some issues with him that I need advice about.

  • Shawn is a unpredictable, hyper, creative guy and that takes tons of energy on my part to play! So when I do play him, I tire out VERY quickly in threads! Sometimes, I can go on for ages, sometimes it takes me weeks for me to get back at his pace again. I have no problems picking up really late threads but I know not everyone feels this way.
  • Shawn is the kind of character who posts. He wants the attention! But again, I tire out so quickly with threads with Shawn that I don't give every character the attention they deserve! THIS BOTHERS ME because I love threading with everyone and I feel sad when I can't.
  • I don't want him to become a backburner. I want him to form stronger relationships, meet (and annoy) more people!
Any suggestions?
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[OOC] hay hay hiatus

Just a short note! I will be heading back to Singapore for two weeks, so I shall be scarce. Spending time with family, topping Toph, you know the rest. Assume that Shawn is being a hobo, Aerrow is doing stuff at the Condor and Juri is stuck in the emoshower.

ALSO THE ANON WHO GOT ME THE BABY LLAMA. Show yourself so that Shawn can razzle and dazzle at you *___*
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[OOC] Time After Time~ (Work History)

Jobs that Shawn has done in his life!