Shawn Spencer (psych_u_out) wrote,
Shawn Spencer

[IC] Threading my life awaaaaaaaaay

[This post is for IC interactions and picking up threads that I might have dropped. Just leave a comment here and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. This post applies to Aerrow, Shawn, Oz, Makoto, Speed Racer and Haruka]
Tags: i seeeee

  • [backdated to Naked Day]

    [Shawn is happily sunning himself nakedly. Normally this would bother him, but hey, why fight it?] ((this post is for anyone who wants Shawn to…

  • [IC] Date Post

    ((continued from here)) So, do people make a big deal out of it back at home?

  • [OOC] :D :D :D

    GUESS WHO FINALLY GOT AN ICON REVAMP? Sorry if threads look funky now but hey, prettier icons right? :D Also a big thanks to my dearest dear…

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