Prettiest man alive

[OOC] Abilities and Personal Space!

Okay. Shawn has an awesome memory for stuff. And the little details. So spam this post with---
1) Your character walks and why
2) Your character talks and why
3) what she/he/it wears and why
4) Any little details about the character

Secondly! Shawn shuns your personal space. A lot. Really. If this is a problem, do say so!
Prettiest man alive

[OOC] Psych-man I presume

Age: 28 (or 29! Wiki is a ho)
Height: Dunno!
Weight: See above!
Hair: Brown and spiky
Eyes: Greenish-gray
Blood Type: No idea.
Medical info: Nothing to note!
Physical traits: Nothing in particular, unless you count natural spiky hair.
What's Okay to Mention Around Him: Everything! i mean there's dad ever getting a love life and divorce/hating dad issues. But even then, Shawn will probably blow you off.
Notes for the Psychics: UH. OKAY. Shawn is not actually psychic. So, no blowing his cover. At any cost. If it must really, really, really happen,  TALK TO ME.
Abilities: Shawn has an eidetic memory. Which means he can remember every detail about you. And when I say every, I mean EVERY. The way you tie your shoes, the dust on your hair, EVERYTHING gives you away. And he can remember all of this. FOR YEARS. IN EXACT DETAIL.
Can I shape shift/bodyswap?: oooh yes.
Hugging/Kissing/Other non-violent physical contact: YES.
Maim/Murder/Death: Sure! Talk to me about the details, but Shawn was made to be maimed
Cooking: No. The man lives on takeout.